The new way to immerse yourself in nature.

 Natural Eco Spas Ltd is a business built on a passion for trees.  We believe sustainable procurement and working with nature is the best way to operate. The concept of using firewood to heat water has been around for centuries. This combined with our involvement in forestry inspired us to build a range of hot tubs at our nursery suitable for the remote locations that we have in Northern Scotland. It is our aim to re-connect people to the land, the trees and the earth.



This is a beautiful timber structure that is as beautiful as it is relaxing. It is a stunning example of Scottish craftsmanship and the grain of the wood is tactile and appealing allowing you to connect with nature.

The method of construction uses no adhesives or fixings making it a completely natural process. The staves are jointed to interlock and are compressed by welded stainless steel bands.



No plumbing or electrical connections are required. Simply fill with water and light its wood burning stove. The 28kW stove takes around 4 hours to reach a bathing temperature of 38-42°C.

There are no maintenance costs with ours: just feed it with wood whenever you want to relax.

No plumbing. No chemicals. No running costs.

Natural Eco Spas, Bogton Road,
Forres, Morayshire, IV36 3TW

01309 672 633

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